Monday, July 4, 2011

Desiree Lee, Esther Tiey, Claire Ki (S1-09) Group B

(A). Best Ben and Jerry's ice-cream flavors.
(B). This topic is very focused because we are only talking about Ben and Jerry's ice cream. The company has a reasonable amount of flavors.
(C). This is a significant topic because many people like to eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream. An average person eats 20 gallons of ice-cream a year. Ice cream is important to our lives.
(D). It is feasible because almost everyone has eaten Ben and Jerry's ice cream before, we can easily ask them some questions.
(E). It is manageable because there are 3 people in our group. We can collect enough data.
(F). It is accessible because there are many people around that has eaten Ben and Jerry's that we can interview.
(G). - We use the site because it is the official website. - It has a lot of forums that let us take a look at other people's favourite flavors. - It does a lot of research.
(F). We will use survey and interview people. Maybe we might decide to do other later.

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